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How to order and pay
    1. Place your Order
    Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed information. To place your 
    order, choose the specification you want and enter the quantity, and click 'Buy Now';
    2. Complete the Order Form
    Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity Type etc. Before 
    clicking "Place Order", please check your Order Details carefully. If you want to add a new 
    Delivery Address, click " Add a new address". If you want to edit a current Delivery Address, 
    click 'Edit this address'.
    3. Payment
    After confirming your Order, you will be automatically taken to the Payment page.
    Note: once the order has been paid, you are unable to change the shipping address. However, 
    you can contact the seller to send him/her any updates.
    We strongly recommend placing orders online. This way, we can help you track your order 
    and provide a refund in case of a dispute.